Week Ten

This week we talked about the presentation that is due next week. I found this class really helpful as I was curious about different options that we had to deliver the presentation. In Second Life you are able to upload images but you need money.

The currency is called Linden dollars and it “can be used to buy, sell, rent or trade land, goods and services. Goods include cars, clothing, jewellery and buildings. Services include entertainment, camping and wage labor. Linden dollars fluctuate in value against the U.S. dollar. Linden dollars can be bought using U.S. dollars and certain other currencies on the exchange service provided by Linden Lab.” I looked up Linden dollars to get the correct spelling and got sucked into a forum about ways to make money in SL. There was a funny post about how a quick way to make money is to select a female avatar and become a stripper which I thought was very funny. Apparently by making money in SL, it can be changed into money in real life. I thought it was interesting that people are considering having a job in an online game and use the money to pay for things IRL. Second Life seems to have it’s very own economy which is something I hadn’t really thought about. 

Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 12.41.33
Post from community.secondlife.com giving advice to a user about ways to make money in SL
Screen Shot 2018-12-11 at 12.42.29
Post from community.secondlife.com talking about making real money from SL

John said that we have two blog posts left to do. This blog post should include information about how me and my group have prepared for the presentation. The final blog post next week should then be reflecting on the presentation and how I feel it went. 

In class we talked about how the presentations should be given. They should be more visuals than text if you your group is doing a powerpoint (which our group is). Being verbal is more important, the slides are just a support. If there was a lot of text on the slides and you were just reading from the slides, it would not be engaging or entertaining for the audience. 

We discussed the ways to present a powerpoint in SL. John suggested either bringing the slides in as images, but they would need to be saved as jpgs or to use a site called Slide Share which would allow everyone in class to open and view the presentation at the same time while we talk about it through our avatars in Second Life. Some people in the class are looking into different locations in SL to give their presentation. John said to be careful when looking for locations because some don’t allow you to use voice, this doesn’t apply to our group because we weren’t looking into a different location but I still thought it was interesting. I had just assumed you could use your voice anywhere in Second Life.

Sitting in Class in Week Ten

For the rest of the class John asked us to come downstairs. John was offering to answer any questions that people had about the presentation but I think no one wanted to be the first person to speak out. John was able to build a block and then to change the shape to create a flat board. He suggested using this as a screen for the presentation and placing images on to it. 


When you import images into Second Life they will go into your inventory. My inventory can be accessed by selecting the ‘Me’ tap in the tool bar at the top of the page Me>Inventory. I haven’t looked through my inventory since week One when I went to  Flotsam Beach and received a free map so I knew I had an inventory but wasn’t aware of everything that was in it. I tried placing an image from my inventory onto the object John had made but it seemed to be locked and I was unable to place an image on it. John thought people were unable to place images because some people where not part of the module group. I had already accepted the invitation and was still unable to edit the object. Someone in the class, I think it was Ruifeng built an object and I was able to places images onto this object. So I think the issue was just with John’s object, he might have had the actual object locked so no one could edit it.

John talking about how we could use these board in your presentation. Image shows John’s Board and Cube created by other student with an image I placed on to it. 

John then gave money to groups who wanted to upload images for their presentation, so Ciara got money for our group. Next week the order of the groups giving presentations is Red, Green, Blue, Mauve and yellow. So my group will be going second last. I would have preferred to have gone early on to get it out of the way but I am looking forward to seeing how other groups approached the brief and how they will present their information. 

For the presentation we are not graded as a group, we are graded as individuals. I think I have enough research done on my top and am preparing what I am going to say for the presentation but I’m also afraid that I will get nervous. I get nervous doing presentations in class so I don’t know how I am going to react to doing a presentation in a virtual classroom. 

Our group meeting after class in Week Ten

As a group we decided that uploading our presentation to Slide Share would be the best option.  We currently have our presentation in Google Drive so in order for everyone to view it, we would have to share it with the each student in the class so by uploading it to Slide Share will make things easier for us. 

I suggested that since we have three topics that we’re discussing, it might be a good idea to have three images imported into second life. One relating to Banks, Post and Travel Agencies. I think this will be a way of helping the audience to visualise what we will be talking about. 

Eva hasn’t been to any of the group meetings and I don’t think she has seen our messages in the group chat. I don’t know if she is coming the the final presentation but if she it will be hard to give her slides to talk about when she might not even know what we are talking about. We talked about this when we met in a group after class and said we would go ahead with the presentation the way it is and if Eva shows up we’ll deal with it on the day by trying to give her 2 slides to talk about.

We decided that we would meet up on Tuesday and go through the presentation. I hope that meeting goes well and everyone in the group knows what they are going to say. Then we can know when the person before you is finishing and there will be a smooth flow through each member of the group when giving our presentation. 


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