Week Eleven

This was our final class and each group was giving their presentation today. I was feel nervous before class so I wrote out the points I would be discussing on flashcards to help me throughout the presentation.

Half an hour before class started there was some confusion about who was doing what. Ciara noticed there was some texted added to her part in the google docs page. We didn’t know who added it until Eva said in the messenger group chat that it was her. I was getting pretty stressed out because we should have had everything ready for the presentation and having to change things around 30 mins before class didn’t help with my nerves.

Once we got everything sorted about I logged into second life. There was a few people already waiting in class so I sat beside Assesi so our group was sitting together. John arrived and needed to help some other teams to upload their presentations into second life. He also asked everyone where they there presenting with only one team going to a different location. There was a guest this week, Locks Aichi. She used to teach in Second Life with John but now she works in PayPal. She helped give some feedback on each of the presentations.

Waiting for class to begin in Week Eleven

The Blue team were the first to present. They did their presentation through the form of a video. This was a good start to the presentations, I liked some of the points  they were making and they did it in a humorous way. The only problem that John seemed to have with their presentation was that they didn’t credit the sources where they got their images and music from.

The Group was the Green team. This team all had the same costumes on which I thought was a great idea. The read team presented a video which included the voice of each member of the team so I thought that made it a bit more personal which was nice. 

Our team presented after the Red Team. We went downstairs in second life and I began to feel really nervous. I normally get nervous doing presentations in class but I thought in second life it would be easier since it is a virtual classroom where I can’t really see anyone and they can’t see me but I was wrong.

Assesi started with the introduction and asked everyone to watch a video before we started. This was a video that Assesi has shown to us last week and we thought it would be good to use in our presentation. We were right, it seemed to go down a hit!

After the video Ciara talked about the future of  banking and the pros that come with this. I talked about the future of travel agencies and the pros that come with this and Princess discussed the post office future and the pros of this. We told Eva in messenger before class that she could read the cons because she hadn’t come to any of the group meetings and therefore didn’t have anything for her to do as all the topics where already given to everyone else in the team. So Eva read the Cons of each business that we discussed.

Zoe then finished with the conclusion. In the beginning of our presentation Zoe was logged out of Second Life unexpectedly. She thought she might not be able to log back in and so one of us would have had to read her conclusion but she was able to log back in just  in time to do her conclusion. Thankfully each member of the team put their points up on the google slides doc so if Zoe was not able to log back in, at least one of us would have been able to take her place.

I think the presentation went well and our group came across as organised. To complete this project we used a few tools being messenger, Second Life, Google Slides and Google Doc. When other teams were asked what tools they used, majority of teams had met in person which I thought was interesting. In my experience I thought it was interesting to have a group project where we only met online.

My group getting ready to present
Screen Shot 2018-12-21 at 07.38.58
The Video we showed the class at the start of the presentation

The best was saved for last. The Yellow group were the last to present and they asked us all to teleport to a different location. We all clicked the link and the whole class teleported there at the same time. Once we arrived the owner of a shop got very upset and began using strong language and clearly wanted up to leave. I didn’t know what was happening and we all teleported back to DIT. I know the woman was upset but I thought the whole situation was hilarious. It was the best part of the night for me. It was just so unexpected and will hopefully go down in the Virtual Environments module history. 

Everyone in the class teleport to the location. A lot of loose body parts!

I stayed until the end of class which finished up at nearly 10pm! Thankfully I was already in my pyjamas and was able to deliver my presentation from the comfort of my bed. I have thoroughly enjoyed this module and would recommend it to anyone. It was been a really nice experience and really different to going to a class in the real world. 

The next day I logged back in to Second Life because I wanted to teleport back to the location we had attempted to go to last night. I was the only person there when I went (Thankfully) and I was able to walk around, see what was in the shops. It was decorated for christmas with christmas trees up and there was music playing. There was some giant cats walking around so I interacted with them and got some profile pic worthy snapshots. 


It turns out that the woman who owns the shop (the woman who got upset with us the night before) it a crazy cat lady. No seriously… It says it on her shop wall. 

Visiting the shop of the woman who got upset
Visiting the shop of the woman who got upset with us

 It seems that she has definitely but a lot of work into this place and I understand that if there was people trying to buy things in the shop on a normal day and suddenly 30 people appear at the same time why she would be upset. But I still think it was a funny experience. 


One thought on “Week Eleven

  1. An excellent example of a well-written and carefully considered blog, J98Carey. You have a good informal writing style that remains accurate and informative. Your reflection on the groups’ presentations is interesting – I’m glad you found the final unexpected encounter amusing! The learning from your own presentation should be useful in the future. Overall, an excellent piece of work, well done. The only problem is that some of your pictures seem to have gone missing!


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