Week Nine

This week we had a guest lecturer Glenn Loughran (avatar name – feilimy) who is teaching on the BA in Visual Art on Sherkin Island. Glenn showed us a picture on the wall of our class room which is actually an image painted by one of the Sherkin Island students last year. The image was a response to the space in the context of Sherkin Island. 

Glenn showing us the image on the wall of the classroom

We talked about the importance of technology in education and the expanding knowledge in technology. The idea that a network can form a community. We also discussed whether it would be wrong to walk away from technology. Without technology, who are we? This then brought us into Glenn discussing the text that we had to read during the week, The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas (1973)

We first talked about the general story. When I read to text, I found it hard to understand and didn’t really understand the story that was being told. Moral theory pins the first half of the story , is it right to have happiness at the many for the expense of the few? The people in the text are happy, intelligent, complex people, meaning they have a complete understanding of everything they’re doing.  But there is a turning point in the story where everything goes from a Utopia to a Dystopia. There is a child that is kept in bad condition in a room, the child is visited and looked upon but the situation never changes. People are dismissive but knowledgeable of it. The can benefit from the child suffering and the happiness in the community depends on the child suffering. So would anyone stand up for what’s right or just walk away?

This story could be used as an example of how the world is today. It conveys the topic that could relate to alienated labour. Everyone knows it is wrong but just accepts it as the norm. Utopia is crammed with the idea of technology . Could we be happy without it? Is it something we can escape? Would it be bad to give up? Personally, I think that we could be really happy without technology but people are just addicted and feel they couldn’t live without it. I think it’s like a smoker. You know it’s bad for you yet you can’t seem to give it up. But once you do, you see all the benefits it has and you’ll be able to take a deep breath of fresh air.

In term of our project, as an individual, what is our responsibility? What would you do with the child? Ignore? It is about awareness and personal responsibly and this should be thought about when preparing our presentation for our group project. 

Sitting in class in Week Nine

Our group was meant to meet up after class today. I was sitting on my own after class for a few mins and was afraid no one else in the group was going to come. I sent a message into our group chat to try suss out the situation. OPrincess then appeared into the room and we waited for others. Ciara said she’d be online in 5 mins, Zoe’s computer crashed and couldn’t make it, Assesi was confused about whether we were meeting in SL or Google slides. I said that I thought it would be easier to discuss things in SL using our voices. I really don’t want to be a leader in the group or sound like I’m bossing people around but no one else seems to be taking charge so I just kind of fell into the slot of a head person in the group. I’m always asking if we’re meeting up, at every meeting and trying to move things along quickly. We’ve had a couple of weeks to do this and I feel like we haven’t really got anywhere which is frustrating.

So after OPrincess, Ciara, Assessi and myself were online we began to discuss the project. I suggested giving each person a role so that each person will (hopefully) contribute to the presentation and also so each person could talk about their role in within the group. We also talked about the tools we used throughout the project (Second Life, Messenger and googleslides) and I think we could link this to the presentation. We were only allowed communicate with each other using technology and this is what we’re suggesting the future of business will be like in the future, so we could talk about our experience.

Four members of the Mauve group meeting after class

We looked at the google slides document and divided up the slides so each person could have 2-3 slides.  Assesi said she would do the introduction, Ciara said she’d like to do banking and Princess said she’d like to do the Post Office. I was hoping to be able to do one of the careers I suggested because I had a lot of ideas around them and would have been comfortable talking about them but the only one left was the travel agency which was Assesi’s suggestion. But I am looking forward to doing research into it and presenting it to the class.

Zoe couldn’t make it to the class so I sent a message into the group chat telling Zoe what we decided so that she wasn’t out of the loop. Eva hasn’t been to class regularly and hadn’t been to any of our group meetings so I wasn’t sure if she was even doing the presentation. I saw her in college the following day and talked to her for a few mins to update her on what we were doing. I know we’re not meant to meet up offline but I didn’t want her to come to the presentation and be thrown in the deep end. So we should be meeting up after class next week to make some final decisions.

We said for next week we would source images and quotes that we could use in our presentation. Ciara also suggested dressing our avatars up in an outfit that looks like the uniform of the business each of us will be talking about which I thought was a good idea.  

I added text to my slides in the presentation during the week but I don’t think anyone else has. I still need to find some quotes to back up my points and source images. I hope the meeting goes ahead after class because this is our last class before the presentation.


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