Week Eight

This week we started the class talking about the texts we had to read from last week. We talked about the slides that discussed the idea of the Consumer also being the producer – being described as a Prosumer and Produser.  Users can now edit and add to content online which makes the user also the producer. 

We talked about how we get information. Today we get information from TV, online, radio and libraries. But before we had all this available to us, the only real source of information was Encyclopaedias. Unlike getting information online, encyclopaedias are fixed, you can’t change the information once it has been printed.  Encyclopaedias are time-bound but with a website like Wikipedia we all have an opportunity to contribute and it will be more up-to-date.  

The information on Wikipedia is not always reliable as it could be anyone adding information or editing the site. Encyclopaedias are reliable sources of information even though they are time-bound. There are more gate-keepers before information becomes public when producing encyclopaedias. I went onto a Wikipedia page and tried to add a sentence that didn’t really relate to the page. I was unsuccessful in my attempt- receiving a message from wikipedia. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 17.18.53
Wikipedia page on Virtual reality
Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 17.21.02
Editing Wikipedia page
Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 17.23.44
Message from Wikipedia

As a Produser, you need to be aware of what you are putting up online. It is publicly available for anyone to see. Some websites, such as Wikipedia are able to monitor what is being added to pages which is good, but I’m sure there is still some things that slip through and can make it onto the website even if they are untrue. 

Waiting for class to begin in Week 8

My group was meant to meet after class this week, so I put a message into our group chat on Facebook before class started to make sure we were still meeting up but Assessi wasn’t going to be able to make it so we decided to meet Monday night instead. Monday night came, I received a message from Zoe who said she was the only one in Second Life. I had completely forgotten and logged into SL as quickly as possible. I put a message into our group chat asking if the meeting had already happened. It seemed that everyone had forgotten about it so I joined Zoe in Second Life and then OPrincess. We waited for more member of our group. Assessi then said her laptop was broken and asked if we could talk in the group chat instead.

We talked about each other’s suggestions and the group actually liked 2 of my ideas. We were trying to think about careers and professions that have or will change drastically in the future. One of my suggestions was to talk about Banks. I think eventually there will be a fade of physical money and everything will be paid electronically. Online banking has become so popular that hardly anyone needs to visit the bank anymore, and even if you do- most things can be done using a Kiosk. Most people don’t carry cash anymore and a lot of shops prefer electronic payment. You can even pay using your phone and smartwatch now! As Zoe put it “No physical money, no paper, no worries”.

My second suggestion was the postal service. Advances in technology has cut out the need to use the postal service. Messages can be sent instantly via social media or email. It is also more reliable as letters can sometimes be lost in the post. Paying bills is also easier online and it would be cheaper as you don’t need to buy stamps or envelopes which is also benefiting the environment. 

Assesi’s suggestion was Travel agencies, which I thought was a good one. We talked about how people can book their holidays online now rather than having to go into a travel agencies. You can see reviews of hotels online and make educated decisions about where is the best place to stay. 

Myself, Zoe, Ciara, OPrincess and Assessi were all throwing out ideas, pros & cons to each and I think we will actually have a lot to talk about in your presentation and I’m happy that we are actually identifying our topics that we are going to be discussing.  We said we would be after class in week 9 to talk more about it so I hope that goes ahead and that we can actually designate roles for each person in the group.


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