Week Five

During the week John posted in our Facebook page for Second Life trying to get a poll to see how many people could attend class on Wednesday instead of Thursday this week. This suited me, but there was a lot missing from the class this week so clearly the change didn’t suit a lot of people in the class.

We talked about the brief during the class which was good because I was still completely confused about it. Other people in the class seemed to be confused too so John tried to sum up the brief. We should consider what the future of work is going to be in our lifetime, facing the exhaustion of a lot of resources we rely on and  how a lot of jobs people do now will eventually become extinct. After the brief was explained I thought it was a really interested brief and was excited to do more research.

John began to talk about the reading from last week. It really felt like he was trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip this week. John was trying to get us to discuss tools and what impact they have on people and society but we weren’t exactly hitting the nail on the head, excuse the pun. I think this made the class really long and I began to loose interest, zoning out at times. This was the first time I had felt like this in the module, I think it was just a lot of information to take in at once. It did make sense in the end though and was quite interesting. We talked about the power of the tool and how it can shape the world around you. John said as well as being a cure, the tool can be a disease, we talked about how when holding a tool it can become part of you.

We also discussed how we take in information and things that help deliver information to us. We used photographs as an example and explored the differences between photographs and paintings and if they both captured the same scene what information both can give us and why would it be different. We then talked about the reliability of information today vs. when 1930’s when everything was believed. This brought us into virtual vs reality and the differences there.

After discussing the brief through the class I was thinking about the project and I’m not sure if the travel blogger would be a good example to choose. I’m just having a hard time trying to fit it into the brief. We didn’t meet as a group in SL this week, no one mentioned anything about meeting up and to be honestly I completely forgot. But Anna put a message into our Facebook group chat and we discussed the brief. Anna put forward 2 suggestions, one- that we each pick a profession that we would like to do in the future and analyse it how it has changed during the last few years. The second suggestions was that we would think about profession which used to be important but today they are not needed as much, why this change happened and if there is any way of bringing it back. I think these are both good ideas and I can definitely understand how they link back to the brief. The problem with the first suggestion was that I think it would feel like we would all be giving separate presentations within the same group which would defeat the purpose of a group project. “dividing up the work too much can mean students aren’t really working together as groups“. 

At the stage, our group has past the ‘form’ stage. We all know each other and have a group chat set up although we don’t know much about each other. We are now in the ‘Storm’ stage where we are trying to figure out the brief and deciding what we are going to do. Our next group meeting will be after class in week 7 as I don’t think any of us are available to meet next week. . We decided to each choose 2 professions that used to be important that are now starting to fade out or have changed drastically and why.  I will research this  and present my my 2 suggestions to our group when we meet up and we will have a vote on which professions we want to discuss in our project. We should then enter the ‘Norm’ stage and be able to have a goal and a mutual plan set in place. We will hopefully set roles and tasks for each person in the group, I think this would divide the work and make everything run smoothly. 

Attending class in week five


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